DEVOTION: “This is the way we came.”

My conversation with my 3 year old on the way home from PetSmart and lunch…

Laney: “Daddy, why are we going down this road?”

Me: “This is the way home, Sweety.”

Laney: “But this is not the way.”

Me: “It is, Baby.  This is the way we came.”

Laney: “But it looks different.”

Me: “That’s because we’re coming from the other direction.”

Laney: “Oh.”

The “right way” doesn’t always feel right.  It seems backwards and even unfamiliar.  But we must trust the way that “gets us there.”  God’s way has been laid before us, long before we ever understoood how to get to the destination of abundant life and even eternity.  The trick is to trust the Driver, that He knows where He is going and to trust that He knows where He’s taking us.

Don’t be alarmed when the way seems “wrong” or “backward,” rather trust that God knows what He is doing.  Trust the road that has been laid BEFORE US and trust the One who built the road.

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