A New Perspective: On Church

The Church is a lot of things to a lot of people.  There are misconceptions, misrepresentations, and even caricatures that plague the Church.  But despite it all, God is the One who defines the Church and sets her path.

A new perspective on “Church” really means that we return to God’s intention and definition.  Today, I want us to see the Church as an “ark.”  There are two famous examples that bring great meaning to what God expects for His Church.

First, the Church is an ark of salvation and shelter.  Like the great boat built by Noah to preserve righteousness and faith, so the Church is the great vessel that preserves life and life eternal through Her warmth and protection.  Because of the work of Christ on the cross, the door has been let down and all that would enter and receive God are welcome to make it their home.


Second, the Church is an ark of sanctuary and worship.  Like the ark of the covenant—the footstool of God, housed in the Holy of Holies, that solidified God’s presence and dominion—so the Church is the presence of God in the world; the sanctuary where God is lifted high, worshiped and adored; she is the presence of God in the world, to the world, for the world.


Therefore, the doors of the great ship are to be opened for the world to enter in, to be changed and transformed because the times are urgent.  A “flood” is coming and in many ways is here, reeking havoc on the world through sin and evil.  The presence of God is to be taken out, into the world, so that the world may experience the presence of God, worshiping Him as the only object worthy of worship.

Take this new perspective, or may be old perspective, be an ark for salvation and sanctuary.  Have a blessed week!

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