Sometimes it doesn’t fit.

As we were packing up Christmas decorations, Laney walked in quite upset.  She had finally pulled together all the little trinkets that she wanted to include in her purse, when she discovered that it wouldn’t zip.  

LANEY: “Mommy, help me zip it.”

ASHLEY: “Laney, I don’t think it will zip up.  It’s too full.”

LANEY: “But Mommy, I need you to help me.  Help me zip it up!”

Laney wasn’t too happy with the results, that she would have to either leave the contents exposed or that she would have to empty some of the contents and do without in order to zip it.  Thankfully, she was quickly distracted and moved on to the next thing. Oh, to be a toddler.

There are often times when our lives are just “too full.”   The lesson isn’t in asking God to zip our lives up past their capacity or even to be ok with walking around with everything hanging out.  The trick is understanding that there are limits.  Sometimes things need to go (and we need to let them go).  Let God determine what needs to be removed so things can be zipped up tight. 

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