Last Dusk

I watched a different “ball drop” to end 2015.  As the clouds FINALLY broke away from a flooded South Carolina ridge line, I saw my last sunset to end the year.  Every passing cloud was a prayer.  Every ray of sunshine was a different hope.  A new year means a new opportunity to put God first.  Only through God can every new thing that comes our way in 2016 be redemptive, moving us closer to the heart of God.
Whether good or bad, let each moment of your new year be one that you give to God—for Him to define, refine, or re-define.  Awaiting each of us is new faith, fresh hope, and a love the conquers all things.  Take this new year as a chance fall in love all over again.  Maybe 2016 is the “Marriage Retreat” you’ve needed to rekindle the “love affair” that is your faith.

My prayer is always that you will know—deep, deep within the well of your heart—that God loves you.  I read on a church sign while on retreat this week something so moving, “It wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross. It was His love for you and me.”  Rarely is there a church sign message that I don’t laugh at.  But today, my heart was warmed when I remembered that the activity of God is bent on winning you and me back to a loving relationship with Him.  Do you know that love?  Have you in your heart a love that properly defines “eternity?”

Happy New Year.  May God richly bless your heart with faith and may your faith pave the road to eternity.


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