Improving Your Serve : A Little Means A Lot

A couple of weeks ago, I preached the completion of our “Improving Your Serve” series.  The focus was on when we give God our little, He makes it His much.

The scripture from Matthew 14.13–21 is the feeding of the 5 thousand.  One of the telling points of that story is when Jesus tells the disciples (who were concerned about the people eating before they get restless and weary), “You feed them.”  The expectation of Jesus is that we would give Him all we have, no matter how much or how little, so that He may work through us.  Five loaves of bread and two fish is hardly enough to feed a host of people.  But Jesus desires to use the ordinary to do the extraordinary.  God doesn’t need much to do a lot.  He just needs people to be compassionate in heart and open to His power.

We fail to experience the glory of God when we doubt what He can do through our meager gifts.  But God’s desire is that through our meagerness, through our weakness, He would shine through.  St. Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 admits that God’s work is made complete in our weakness.  This is important because it teaches us to get out of the way.  If we try and shine in our strengths, we tend to leave God out of it.  But if we let God shine in our weakness, He gets the credit and does far more than we ever could.

One of my favorite songs comes from the band Downhere.  It’s called “Little is Much.”  The line goes, “Little is much, when God’s in it, and no one can fathom the plans He holds.  Little is much, when God’s in it, He changes the world with the seeds we sow.”  What will you give God today?  Will you try to make a difference with your own strength? Or will you let Him change the world with your weakness?

Give God your weakness and let His power be made complete!  Amen!

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