Falling into Place

Our PMO program does great with bulletin boards on our educational hallway.  I passed by this one last week and was moved by the truth of such a simple statement.  The board reads, “Everything FALLS into place when we put God first.” IMG_6119

The statement could be criticized for being too simplistic or easier-said-than-done.  But we can’t let things like challenges or “the self” get in the way of the life-changing truth this statement brings.

Putting God first makes a difference in EVERY area of life.  There is nothing that goes untouched by God when we put Him first.  But we must make the great leap, the scary sacrifice of letting go of the importance of everything that challenges God being first in our life.  Like a leaf in the Fall, we turn loose and let the wind of Providence carry us safely to the ground.  No one said abandoning the comforts of our life was easy.  But necessity must win out over choice if we are to survive in a world where faith is downplayed.

I hope you’ll let life FALL into place this season (and beyond) by putting God first.  Trusting God means trusting Him with everything.  Turn loose, let the Holy Spirit carry you, and find yourself right where you need to be.

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