Discipleship demands…

There’s always a lot of hype over a new gadget.  These days (and for a while now) the hype is around phones and communication.  Apple is pretty good at it and soon they will release the Apple Watch.  The device reminds most people of the communicators from Star Trek—a watch-like walkie talkie that allowed the crew to send messages, voice calls, and location to the starship.  The Apple Watch brings to life the hopes and dreams of sci-fi fans and communication addicts everywhere.  But…there’s a catch.  The watch MUST be paired to an iOS device (iPhone/iPad, etc).  For the watch to work with all the bells and whistles, it DEMANDS a connection to an iPhone.  No iPhone—no real functionality.  Sure, you can tell time or check a calendar date, but without the source or the connection, it’s just a watch.


Our Christian walk—or “discipleship”—demands that we are “paired” or “connected” with God.  Just like the Apple Watch, if we lose our connection for even just a second, there is a lapse or pause in our true functionality.  The importance of staying connected means constant pairing, consistent communion.  “Demand” is a strong word, but it’s the right word because in order for us to be and stay in a relationship with God we have to…well… STAY in a relationship with God.  Jesus summed it up this way :

Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. (John 15.4, NIV)

If we don’t remain/abide/stay in Christ, we lose our connection and our feed.  Life comes through our connection, therefore discipleship demands that we stay connected.  An Apple Watch with no iPhone is just a cool watch.  A faith with no connection is just cool beliefs.

May you meet the demands of discipleship and get all the bells and whistles that come from staying in relationship with God!

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