I love scenes and pictures of things that seemingly contradict.  There’s so much to see and experience when we hold things together in tension.  For example, when it rains on a sunny day and you just can’t imagine how the dreariness and the light can co-exist at the same time.  Ah, but it’s cool, isn’t it!? Or like yesterday, as I watched the road pass by on our way home from dinner and in the midst of the stormy clouds and thunder there was a brilliant roadside weed with the most splendid purple.  Since the kids were content and quiet in the backseat, I asked Ashley to pull over to a safe place for the shot below…


I’m inspired by tension, because it is only out of tension that truly amazing things are forged.  I think that is why the gift of grace to us by God is so amazing.  Sin has all but destroyed a creation intended for glory, and God—who is perfect and holy and beyond all things—chose to enter that–which–is–less and make it more and whole and beautiful.  Grace isn’t something that is defined for you and you just get it.  Grace was always meant to be experienced, and once experienced, the tension of our less–than–perfect life forges a redemption that reveals what’s behind the contradiction of life.  God’s grace, offered through Jesus, shines in the midst of the sin–storm that we experience everyday.  Glory to God! that we can see the light in the midst of darkness.

I pray that you will experience grace in your heart and life, asking God to reveal to your heart that wonderful gift that He provided in Jesus Christ.  Let the light shine in the darkness!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. —John 1.5

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