We were craving a waffle, so Ashley and I took Laney for her first experience at The Waffle House. She loved it. As I moved to my biscuits on the small plate to my left, I looked for my jelly packs. In the center of the table I found two, both opened, and both scooped out identically. Ashley. Each time she uses one, she leaves a small triangle of jelly in the upper left corner. It’s her jelly pack trademark.


35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. —John 13

As Christians, our love for each other and our ability to maintain a community that revolves around Jesus’ saving love is important evidence of genuine faith. The world has every reason to believe in God and in our witness if we will love one another. But folks, that means you gotta LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We need to welcome the transforming love of Jesus into our hearts so that it can renew our minds and motivate our actions. And with that transforming love, a renewed mind, and holy actions we can truly love our brothers and sisters in Christ and beyond.

I tell my Bible study classes constantly, “Stop acting Christian and start living Christian.” Our trademark is our love for each other, which proves to the world the existence of God within our hearts and our willingness to share it freely. It’s our trademark. I challenge you to leave a triangle of love inside the jelly packs of the world.


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