Too Many Staples

Ashley needed 3 bulletin boards painted in her classroom.  So, we went right to work.  Everything was ready till we got to one large board with what seemed to be thousands of staples in it.  “Can’t paint over them, so we’ll need to pull each one out,” Ashley said. Seriously?!  Ugh.  For someone with ADHD this is a nightmare.  Focusing on one single task till every single staple is gone—no, thank you.

But, I got over it as Ashley picked up pliers with me and started at the other end.  We met in the middle and finished the task quickly.  The sense of accomplishment was enough motivation to do the next task, and that is what it is all about.


Growing in our faith isn’t easy.  There’s the growing–pains that come with spiritual development, which is natural but nonetheless trying. There’s the distractions that come from every direction, pulling us this–way–and–that.  Then there’s just getting plain tired (and that’s okay, too).  The trick is to give each area of spiritual growth it’s due time and attention.

Our spiritual lives are a lot like Legos.  There’s instructions and guidance to help us put certain pieces in the right places.  We get into trouble, though, when we bite off more than we can chew, buying a Lego set that’s too big and beyond our level.  We need to start with the smaller sets, building planes and cars before we buy the entire town and try to piece together a Lego city.  The city will come, but through smaller sets first.

The different disciplines and practices of the Christian life are like the small Lego sets.  Whether it’s prayer, scripture reading, compassion, or humility, it’s all going to take time.  We have help, though, as the Spirit of God travels with us (John 14.26), a great cloud of witnesses cheers us on (Hebrews 12.1), and the word of God is a lamp unto our feet (Psalm 119.105)—but we must use that help to see us through.  These are our instructions (or rather instructors).

There really are too many staples, but not when you realize that it’s about taking them out one at a time.  Take the time to develop.  Focus on the Lego set in front of you and soon enough you’ll have a whole city.

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