Love like Him

Pope Francis has proven to be a man who means what he says.  I told my wife this past week that I felt like he was doing in his first few months everything that most Christians struggle to do over the course of their entire life.  Let’s face it: the man has washed and kissed the feet of prisoners at Easter.  Below is a blessed picture of him spending time with special needs children.  This picture means a lot to me because my wife is a Behavior Analyst and Special Needs teacher.  I hope you can see the sincerity in his eyes, because it’s what the face of Christ looks like, too.


In no way am I implying that visiting prisoners or blessing special needs kids is what each of us needs to run out and do, like some spiritual “check list” that needs attention.  My challenge to you today is that you will seek to make the compassion of Christ your own.  Seek to love as he loves, all the while understanding that in order to do so you must give His love away.

The life of the Christian is one of “clearing.”  Our lives are spent clearing away the junk that sin has left behind.  As we bag up a few things and set them on the porch (giving our lives to Christ, in other words), Jesus with his redemptive muscles takes our sin and puts them in his truck (the Cross).  Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit brings in his bags and unpacks God’s things within our heart.  Within us, now, is a Host of support and power that we never had before.  We start learning, everyday, what it means to live like Christ and act as God acts, because now our lives are spent with him.

I would watch Pope Francis if I were you, seeing what it is that he makes important and not.  He has his priorities in line and we need more examples like his, after all, he is seeking after Christ.

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