The Open Road

I can’t really explain it, but things are just clearer when I’m on the road.  Maybe it’s because I’m moving or because I’m focused on driving.  When I was in seminary, I drove down to Asbury Theological Seminary’s Orlando campus to fulfill my on-campus requirements.  Carpooling was the way to go and I had the best of friends to accompany me on those trips.  Sure, we cut up a bit, attempting to break free from many of the stresses that come through a life of ministry.  Normal stuff.  But as we moved on down the road, we started asking deep questions and trying to find answers for each other (go figure, being pastors and all).  I blame the road for the depth and serious conversation.  The car, the road—they just seem to focus you.Image

Our faith is like a car, pointed toward God, with winding roads and long straightaways.  If we’ll get in the car-of-faith and give ourselves to the open-road-of-faithfulness, we’ll see our faith take shape.  We’ll start-off cutting up a little, trying to get to a place where we can unburden ourselves.  It’s good and it’s necessary.  Then, after the usual and familiar sights of our lives begin to disappear in the rearview mirror (our day-to-day life and experiences), we start in on the deeper things, the un-dealt-with areas.  With the right carpool (the Church and other Christians), we won’t feel so alone in those areas of life and faith.  Some answers may begin to surface and then a little peace begins to make itself known.

The encouragement for you today is to get in the car and drive, spiritually speaking.  Let the journey of trusting God bring your life out into the open and let the experience shape you.  Surround yourself with good company and watch the areas of your life take on new meaning and purpose.  The “road” will focus you, so give it a chance.  Get in the car…with faith…and drive.

May it be so, O Lord.

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