Holy Week: Thursday

On Thursday night, Jesus celebrates the Passover supper with his disciples.  They were anticipating the commemoration of when the angel of death passed over their ancestors’ houses because of the lamb’s blood spread over the doorposts to their homes.  That act pushed Pharaoh over the edge, loosening his grip over the people.  The Hebrew people were now free to enter the desert to worship and serve their God.


That night, Jesus fulfills the work that started with the Passover.  Now, it is the doorposts of our hearts that covered with the blood of the Lamb of God.  Jesus has become the Passover Lamb.  His body is our “daily bread,” the manna of God.  His blood is the blood that seals the deal and covers us, loosening the grip of sin and death and freeing us to worship God “in spirit and in truth” (John 4.23).

Tomorrow, Jesus gives his life—willingly—on the cross for you and me.  Stop at some point, think about how underserving we are, and give thanks to God for giving so much so that you can have victory over sin and death.  Life awaits those who look to the cross.  So look to the cross and know that your sins are forgiven.

May it be so, O Lord.

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