From a Distance

Photography and birdwatching have become the best of friends for me.  I enjoy snapping photos of birds feeding, perching, and flying by.  They truly are wonderful creatures.  The photography part of birdwatching is so wonderful because it brings the birds up close, giving you a more intimate view and understanding of who they are and what they’re all about.  There’s so much you can learn by bringing them close.  


Now, I love Bluebirds and for the same reasons that most everyone else does—they’re beautiful.  The one in the photo above is teeny-tiny.  It’s almost a shame, really, that it’s so small.  The first thing you might think is, “You should have gotten closer” or “Couldn’t you have zoomed in a little more?”  Well, yes, I should’ve and I could’ve. 

You want to be up close to see it’s beauty, to take in all the color and to watch it’s personality.  But from a distance, there really is only so much you’ll ever see or know about them.  It’s the same with God.

I encourage you this evening to get closer, to take the necessary steps to see the beauty of God and to get to know him more.  Don’t observe him from a distance, but as the scriptures say, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” (James 4.8).

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