What’s Important

When it comes down to it, we prioritize our lives in order to take care of what’s important.  When it involves the deeper things, the more personal things in life, we do what is necessary—we eat and drink, bath (I hope), work, and even play, just to name a few necessities.  But these things tend involve our bodies.  What about our souls?  How much importance do we place on the care of our souls?



I took a walk with my wife and daughter yesterday and saw this Nuthatch in the picture above with nest-making materials in his mouth.  Spring is always a sign of new life, of building and creating.  The Nuthatch is preparing for young ones, a nest that will add comfort for his family’s eggs and protection from predators and the elements.  For this bird, making sure that life continues is a primary goal.  The eggs are coming, so the nest must be ready.

In regards to our spiritual lives, our hearts are nests that need building.  Jesus is bringing new life to each of us.  If we place great importance for providing for that new life, we can allow faith to grow within us, continuing on the work of God in the world that takes place in and through us.

What new life or new faith does God want to place into your heart?  That depends.  Are you willing to read the scriptures?  Are you willing to spend more time in prayer?  Are you willing to talk to a pastor or spiritual friend?  The tools are there and new life and faith are close at hand. 

Above all else, trust in God.  Things may be dry or even confusing.  But cry out.  Speak your heart and know that God is simply looking for that simple acknowledgement.  “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace…” as the song says.

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