Whit’s End: Open

My wife was sick this afternoon so we went to the doctor. After checking in, we picked out a spot to sit and wait, hoping that we didn’t get sick or spread what we brought in. When we found a spot I noticed a Gideon’s Bible next to us. But what struck me was the fact that it was open.

The Gideons are an interesting group. I’m not endorsing them but I’m not discrediting them either. I’m glad that a version of God’s word is being placed all over the world. We see them everywhere: hotel rooms, doctor’s offices, street corners with men handing them out to any who will look, hear or even take one. It’s good.

But the openness of the good Book today struck me because it needs to be the same for us as Christians. As Children of God, we are living documents, walking/talking versions of God’s word, proclaiming the good news that Jesus has paid the debt for our sinful lives—things done, being done, and will be done. God created us, loves us, and is calling us home. Sin has affected our minds and memories and we’ve forgotten our place at his side. There’s more to life and we want others to know that, therefore we must be open, both open to receive the weary and open to give them the Truth.

Don’t be the kind of Christian with “Holy Bible” on your face. Be the kind of Christian whose pages are easy to turn; pages filled with truth and grace; pages that reveal the story of a loving God who has paid your debts and is offering life…if you’ll take. Make it easy on folks to receive life. Be an open book—filled with truth, but open nonetheless.


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