Whit’s End: Can I see your ID?

A dear friend of mine recently blogged about the word "redemption" and our culture's inability to really grasp the true meaning of the word. ??You REALLY need to go read his post, found HERE. ??His overall point is that without properly understanding the word or even the concept of redemption, we fail to understand our need for God at all (a lesson neither of us wants you to learn when "too late" arrives). ??But there's more. ??

Based off the actions and lifestyles we witness???whether in the malls or through social media???it would seem that the world is suffering from the worst case of spiritual amnesia that one could dream up. ??Satan is getting exactly what he wants these days, a world filled with people who have forgotten who (and whose) they are altogether. ??People have not only forgotten that they need redemption but they have forgotten their Maker, their heavenly Father. ??They move about, unaware, to the reality that they are sons and daughters of the most high God, heirs and heiresses to the kingdom of heaven, and stewards of God's art gallery (our amazing earth and all that's in it). ??We are part of a family, brothers and sisters with a purpose.

And yet, the world continues on, revamping and reinventing itself every day. ??People wander around, creating new personas and living in different "costumes" every so often. ??We act as if we are individuals, unique to a fault and standing alone, islands to ourselves. ??I'd say the writer of Ecclesiastes was right,??

"Vanity of vanities, says the Teacher,??vanity of vanities! All is vanity.?????Ecclesiastes 1.2

But, consider this: you already have an identity. ??You have been created with intention and purpose. ??God created you and loves you and has a role for you in the greatest kingdom in existence (or non-existence. ??It's time we love people's true identities back into their hearts; that we remind them that the greatest possible good has already been created and accomplished for them through the Cross of Jesus. ??Through the redemption that Jesus has accomplished for us, we can take our place as God's children and experience the best possible life???a life that has yet to be lived for so many because of the effects of sin (which includes spiritual amnesia). ??But apart from God, that life is an unrealized reality. ??Only through the grace of God in the One called Jesus can we ever claim that role and be restored???No! REDEEMED!???and experience life as God intended for His good creation. ??You were made in God's image, given a finger print that identifies you with Him…

So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. ???Genesis 1.27

Remember who are, because if you've forgotten, I may just have to ask you, "Can I see your ID?"

Rev. Whit R. Martin
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist??Church

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