Whit’s End: A Stubborn Wheel


It’s a classic experience: we go to Walmart (or your store of choice) and you get the cart with the wheel that just won’t cooperate.  It’s a stubborn wheel, having a mind of its own when all you want to do it find your items WITHOUT fighting the carts direction or have too much attention drawn to your activity because of the racket the cart ends up making.  It’s true with a stubborn will, too.

We fight God, don’t we?  We try and go our own direction and we cause a lot of commotion in the process (whether to others or in our own hearts).  Our desire to go against the grain is a product of our fallen nature.  But the Holy Spirit is the solution to a stubborn will.  God’s presence in our hearts re-aligns our direction and fixes the “wiggle” in our wheels.  We can be a good “cart,” one worthy of gathering up the necessities of life so that when we “check out,” we’re ready for the next stop.  Don’t fight God’s leading???go where he goes.  Don’t have a stubborn wheel / will.  

Rev. Whit R. Martin
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist Church

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