Whit’s End: Secure


Coming home from vacation, we saw this guy hauling watermelons down the interstate.  Completely unstrapped and unstable, he wasn’t taking it too slow down the road.  We caught a glimpse of a couple watermelons who didn’t quite make it, having landed on the side of the road (yay for the birds).  Working for my dad’s erosion control company, I learned firsthand that there’s nothing worse than not having your cargo and equipment tight and secure.  I’ve thrown a few bales of hay off the truck in my time.  Not good (and really not good for the traffic behind you!).


Our Spiritual lives are no different.  To continue the metaphor, we must be sure things are strapped down spiritually; that we don’t lose our cargo, that we run at safe speeds.  Most of us exhaust our new-found-knowledge each time we learn something new or make strides because we don’t know how to make it last.  So, we push too hard and run too fast.  I know most of us have plenty of “watermelons” busted and lying on the side of the road, but let those melons (life experiences) serve as reminders of how to do things better, healthier, and with more success.  Don’t let your Bible, your prayer life, your service in your community, your attendance in your church be a busted melon on the side of life’s interstate.  Strap it down, secure your cargo, and travel well. 

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