Whit’s End: Help

A couple years ago, my blogging revolved around taking pictures of common things and using them for spiritual insights.  I’m going to re-start that (Thanks, Ashley).  The pictures are just meant to provoke questions, so obviously sometimes the context of the photo will be different than the subject of the insights.  


Wednesday morning, as Ash and I were having breakfast, I noticed this sign next to the door that led out to a poolside patio (“Attendant would be pleased to help upon request”).  Among the hustle and bustle of the breakfast area, I thought to myself, “Are they so busy that that they couldn’t be aware of their customers’ needs beyond more juice or butter?”  It reminded me of restaraunts where the good servers pay attention to you and your needs among their other duties, while the bad servers are the ones that you have to track down in order to get what you want (or worse, ask a server from another area).

It made me wonder how we’re doing as the Church in today’s world.  Are we paying attention to the needs of those around us, helping them as they approach an obstacle or as they have a need?  Or is the world reaching out to everyone BUT the Church (“servers” in a different area)?  People get tired of always having to ask for help when there are helpers all around them, helping in ways the helpers prefer and not based off what the person needing help really needs.

We can do better.  If we do the work we’ve been given and be aware of others in the midst of that work, I believe people’s experience with the Church will be better.

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