Are We Human?

I’m stealing again, but only because it’s something that’s been close to my heart for quite some time.  Below you???ll find a devotion from Dr. Harper that comes from Fr. Rohr.  So it looks like this: Rev. Martin commented on Rev. Dr. Harper???s post quoting Fr. Rohr???s meditation.  Silly, I know.  I have my own spin on the devotions below.  So bear with me as I make my own personal point and then I hope you can still enjoy the wisdom of both Steve Harper and Richard Rohr.

One of my favorite quotes in literature, media, and even real life has been the response to failure, ???Hey, lay off!  I???m only human!???  Popular culture has always seen humanity as something less than perfect, less the ???good enough???, and always falling short.  I have a problem with this as a Christian.  So,over time, my response has become, ???But wait.  Are you?  Are you human????

If we want to know what it means to be truly ???human??? then we must look at the first humans, Adam and Eve.  Adam and Eve were beautiful creatures who enjoyed the presence and relationship of their God.  But when the creature turned away from the Creator and began to serve the creaturely things (be it the serpent or their own desires), they ???fell from grace.???  So to be truly human, then, would mean to walk with God; to be in a state where God is the apple of our eye and the focus of our heart always.  Anything less would be sub-human.  Fallen humanity suffers from sub-human lifestyles and choices everyday.  Romans 1 and 2 can answer to that alone.

But then to be truly human, unwaveringly human, would be . . . well, like Jesus, and that is what God is calling us to be.  St. Paul went to great lengths to see Jesus as the ???new Adam,??? the one who would not choose the creatures or creature-comforts over the Creator or his comfort from above.  Jesus is human???we (theologically) are not.  God???s actions in Christ are meant to restore us to the state of Adam and Eve and then exalt us through holiness.  We are being set aside to be the people of God, empowered by His Spirit within us to be something so much more than we know now.

Read on below, knowing that being ???human??? is important as we grow in Christ, seeing God at all times and in all place.  But then understand that God is calling us upward to embrace the super-human (supernatural, in other words).  We were created for more than this world alone, for more than the baser things.  Be human, then let Christ make you so much more!

Rev. Whit R. Martin
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist Church

Devotional Blog ???

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