???The disciple who cannot control his tongue when he is angry, will not control his passions at other times.’ ???Hyperichius, 3rd Century Martyr

A very simple but important lesson today: sin leads to sin.  When we fall in one area, we are likely to fall in another.  Where one sin is neglected, another seeks to take its place.  As Christians, we must understand that sin is clever and shrewd.  We are not simply dealing with a bad habit or behavior.  Sin is encouraged and perpetuated by spiritual forces that seek our demise (1 Peter 5.8; Ephesians 6.16; etc).

Below is a picture I took several weeks ago.  If you have feeders, then this scene is a familiar one.  For those who don???t have feeders, then here???s the lesson.  Squirrels . . . are . . . smart.  The only way to keep them out is to take precautions.  A lot of them!  There???s baffles, hats, cans, busters, slippers, rollers, spinners, and the all-too-popular but unsuccessful ???spicy seeds.???  It goes to show that if something is important to us, then we???ll do what we must in order to protect it, even make our bird feeders look RIDICULOUS because we want to keep the squirrels out!


(One of my birdfeeders atop a 12ft pole)
Protect your faith because if you don???t it will fall prey to the Crafty One, who seeks to take what God so graciously has provided.  Seek to control the areas of your life that God has blessed you with, like Adam in Eden who was charged with tending the garden (Genesis 2.15), only be wise and know that someone seeks to take what you have.  Guard your hearts, children of God, and call on the protection of the Father when you are in need.

Be blessed this weekend.  I hope you find hope and peace in service this Sunday.

Rev. Whit R. Martin
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist Church

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