Your ‘thing’

Life is different for preachers when they don’t have to prepare a sermon. For many, sermon preparation is a precious and important exercise that molds the preacher into the message they are preaching.

We have a lay speaker bringing the message this Sunday at our church, so I haven’t had to be as prepared as I normally would. For me, preaching teaches me a lot. It’s the one spiritual discipline that brings so much fulfillment and growth to my own spiritual life that when I don’t get to I feel like there’s a hole.

Each of us has a ‘thing’ or an activity that can bring great joy and usefulness to our walk with God. Finding that ‘thing’ is hard and something that some search for for much of their life. But once you discover it, then the real test begins: implementing it.

I hope that you will begin your search for the things that draw you deeper into a relationship with God. Find joy in the search and take pleasure in the journey. When you find that discipline, that activity, that ‘thing’, implement it into your life and make it a habit that feeds your soul.

Be blessed this weekend!

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