Really Connected?

I talked about being connected as the body of Christ in my previous post. My question today as we get ready for Sunday's celebration of our connection to Christ and each other is an important one to be a answered:

Are we 'really' connected?

I think the answer to this question is important because it raises implications as to whether or not we truly are connected. Can we celebrate other churches and their ministries in light of their own unique giftedness and our own? It's in recognizing Christ's Lordship and the desire to live as He lived that connects us. Everything else we do should stem from our understanding of those two things???Christ's Lordship and holiness. Christ's Lordship teaches us about who God is, which gives way to what God is doing. Holiness teaches us about who God says we are and what it means to live as He has intended us to. This is accomplished best when we are inline with God and inline with each other.

A theme of Paul's throughout his letters is to have the mind of Christ and of each other. This doesn't mean we all agree on the EXACT same things. It means that we are on the same spiritual wavelength???tapped into the Holy Spirit and recognizing God's work in the world.

Will you recognize God's work in the lives of others? Will you look outside your own stained glass windows and admit with joy in your heart that God is working outside your sanctuary too?! Let us be the body of Christ in the world and celebrate what God is doing.??

Have a great weekend!??

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Rev. Whit R. Martin??
Pastor,??New Liberty United Methodist Church

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