Between ‘the Wrong’ Two Worlds

The sermon this coming Sunday is titled ‘Between Two Worlds’.  The main idea is that there there is a tension between living here in this world and living so close to Heaven, through Jesus.  But today the question is posed, What happens when there’s a tension between living in this world and walking the boarders of Hell?

Running alongside our day-to-day lives are the realities of Heaven and Hell.  Many of us forget that Hell, like Heaven, is a near and close reality.  But so many wander away, down ‘south’, to a place that wishes to steal us away from our true home.  Earth can be a battle ground for those who understand that we are in a fight for our souls.  What Jesus did on the cross wasn’t something so sentimentally lovey-dovey that we smile and simply say thanks.  God went to war with the forces of evil when He sent His Son on a ‘search and destory’ mission:  Jesus searched out the lost and through his redemptive work desires to destory sin in the lives of His people.

The point today is to be aware of the location of your spiritual life.  What borders are you walking today?  Do you find yourself traveling freely between Heaven and Earth as you grow in your relationship with God?  Or are you tempting the boarders of Hell, moving between a world where you have a chance and a world that will steal your soul?

Maybe today you can use your spiritual GPS – prayer – and make your way ‘north’ to peek over the boarder of Heaven and see what’s in store for you and others as you grow closer to God.  Have a great week!

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