Evening Reflections: Till My Dying Day

Singer/Songwriter/Comedian, Ray Stevens, wrote a ballad many years ago called “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival“. The silly song chronicles how a squirrel brings back the fire in the people of the church as it’s let loose inside the small sanctuary. Folks find their faith again, although in a somewhat unusual manner. 

Lasting memories are created, moments that will be hilarious stories over the years, but the last line of the song goes like this… 

But the one I’ll remember till my dying day / is how He put that church back on the narrow way / with a half-raised Mississippi squirrel.

Of all the crazy things that happen in the song and the Bible stories they all know like the back of their hand, it’s what God did with and for that church that sticks out in his mind. Would that we all would have such an insight in life–to be able to see God working in the here and now and have that bolster our faith, rather than always looking backward. God is very much alive and we need to be acting like it, witnessing to that fact.

The scripture for this Sunday is Romans 14.1-12. The main idea/point is that God desires we find our being and identity in Jesus and not spend life arguing over who’s right and who’s wrong about the outer rim issues. Jesus lived and died so that we would be His; no longer bound by sin and death but redeemed and reclaimed. The rest? Really, it’s just details. The thing we need to remember is who is Lord. That is why our confession is so important and our arguments are not.

What will you remember till your dying day, the arguments or the confessions? Let’s see what we can do to confess with others that Jesus Christ is Lord. Bless you this week and I hope to see you Sunday as we work through the rest of the Romans text.

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist Church


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