Afternoon Reflections: Legacy

I'm a verbal processor, which means I have to talk things out in order for me to really understand them. As Ashley and I went for an exercise walk one morning, I was telling her about some thoughts that had been bouncing around in my head. I had to get them out and this WILL NOT be perfect, so here goes…

One of the things that tends to make me sad about the Christian life is watching others spend so much time and energy trying to find the ONE reason they may be here on this earth or trying to find a calling that somebody along the way convinced them that they HAD to have. I'm not downplaying calling. I'm a minister and I believe I have been called to do what I am doing. But what I want to encourage people with is the idea of a life of legacy.

The people of Israel are a perfect example. God was calling them as a people and a nation to witness to the world. His calling to them involved them setting up a kind of family structure and way of life that set them apart. If things had gone to plan, each generation would have raised another generation that was even more holy than the last. Imagine the leaders that would have come from such an understanding.??

We have the unique opportunity in the Church of living in such a way that our true ministry is the life that we give to others. Our calling or ministry shouldn't be about accomplishing something super-specific; it should be about living out a life that is life-giving. The life my grandfather lived and my father is living has given way for me to do what I am doing, for example. My challenge to all of us is to live in such a way that our ministry is one that is life-giving.??

How can you live your life as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ that gives others a chance to do things???things that may far exceed what it is that you are doing? You may come to find out that you are a Moses, leading people through the wilderness of life and into the promised land, only to learn that you won't make it in to the promise land yourself. My point is that all of us should be content with the idea that our lives can be lived out more broadly and less-specific. We should rest in the permission granted us to simply 'live' rather than do just one specific thing.


Give life to others by living your life. Make a lasting difference in other's lives. Leave a legacy of people who may far exceed anything you desire to do. Give life.??

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Rev. Whit R. Martin??
Pastor,??New Liberty United Methodist Church

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