Afternoon Reflections: Imitate

In preparation for this Sunday’s sermon, I came across this quote from St. Thomas Aquinas: 

I come to the conclusion: therefore you ought to imiate Jesus Christ, so that you may become like him.

When it’s all said and done, what it comes down to in each of our spiritual journies is that we become more like Jesus Christ. We may all be different, fighting conformity and clinging to our uniquness, but we are called back to God through an invitation to conform to Jesus Christ. When the apostle Paul tells us to imitate him and be of the same mind, his point is that we would reach that same-mind-ness through our conformity to the character of Jesus, just as he was. 

Christ is our unifier. Each of us comes to the cross with our different burdens but what we take away from the cross is the same love. Each of us injects that love into the world through our different gifts, but it is that same mind, the mind of Christ, that is to exist in us as we minister to the world. We’re being poured out, like a drink offering, into the world for its redemption. But if we’re going to engage in mission, Christ’s mission, then it must be in Christ’s likeness or it will just be good works in our own likeness.

May we allow God to make us into His Image, the image of His Son. Have a blessed week! 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Pastor, New Liberty United Methodist Church

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