Late Night Reflections: Honesty

St. Francis de Sales??

In order to put away past sin, accuse yourself bravely of it, let there not be one sinful act which you do not bring to light.??

Francis offers many wonderful considerations in his instructions on how to have successful devotions. I would say that he is right, that considerations are what is missing in most of our lives. We often fail to plumb the depths of our sinfulness. How well do we really know ourselves? Would we come to more accurate conclusions on why our lives are the way they are if we took the time to know ourselves? I would say yes.??

Francis' best moment here is when he says accuse yourself bravely. We must be honest with ourselves. There is no easier judgement than calling someone out on something. But it's hard to call ourselves out on things. Honesty hurts, especially when directed at ourselves. The desert monks in the early church had a saying that guided and directed their personal devotion. They would ask How is it with your soul? Meaning, look to your own affairs and life and answer the tough quesbefore about you first. It is a version of Jesus' words to take the plank out of your own eye before removing the speck in anothers' (Matthew 7).

Bring to light ??? as de Sales says ??? all your sinful acts. Recalling your life is not to guilt you into the right. Recalling your life is an opportunity for you to learn and then understand your life. Let that understanding allow you to put away past sin.

May we all bravely own our decisions and give them to God for the putting away of our sin. Have a great weekend!??

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Rev. Whit R. Martin??
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