Evening Reflections: A Break

Mark 6.31

He said to them, ???Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.??? For many were coming and going, and they had no leisure even to eat.??

I haven't written in a while. Most of my time has been spent doing what I can to wrap my brain around the next few weeks. Transitioning from one church to another is not easy, especially since I am doing this for the first time. It feels like I have a foot in two different worlds. The picture that comes to mind is of Disney's Goofy, trying to balance himself between two canoes, each boat drifting away from the foot that is resting on it. It's comical, sure, but there are emotions. I love the place I am leaving and I love the place that I am going. It has ups and downs and I'm doing my best not to be emotionally worn out in the process.??

The passage above is one of my favorites and it's brought me sanity in this time. Among the busyness of Jesus' ministry, we find here a scripture that reminds us to come away…and rest a while. These are truly freeing words and I believe with all my heart that we do not hear them enough. Vacations are great but most of the time they're filled with coming and going, just in a different place. I'm not sure why we lack the understanding of what it means to rest. I think some of us know what it means, we're just afraid of it and of ourselves. No one is comfortable in their own skin, that's why we accessorize the way we do today.

But really, I think Jesus just wants to tell us something. It might be a lot of things and maybe it is just one thing, but we need to listen if we are going to hear anything He has to say to us.

Here's a challenge for you, and I know it's a little different: take time to define 'rest' in your life. Compile this definition with God's help and influence. Do not attempt to rest so much for yourself that even in your resting you become selfish. What does it mean to rest in and with God? Find out, I promise it will pay off.??

May God give you rest. Have a great weekend!??


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Rev. Whit R. Martin??
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