The Living Room: May 4

*tonight’s service was off the cuff, so I’ll include the notes that made the cut tonight.  

THE TEXT ??? John 3.16???21 

(Jesus desires we bring our secret, bondaged life into the light so that we may be saved to Him and from our lives of darkness. live open and free, able to take upon yourself Christ’s life.) 

I’ve been thinking about what I would want to say to you (the Living Room crowd) in my leaving and in this last Wednesday night service. As I laid down last night, I heard the Spirit say in my heart the following, from Jesus’ perspective:

Receive this love of mine, take it inside you and let it change you, let it transform you. But I want you to know that it won’t be easy. I had to die to bring you this life and you’re going to have to die, too; die to your desires, die to the things that you think feel right. 

You’re gonna have to go through the growing pains of growing up, the birth pains of bringing new life into the world. My suffering and death were the pains that brought forth new life into the world so that you could in turn give the same life to others who need it.

Your life is an offering, just just like mine was. Before you know it, you’ll have other people pouring out their lives for others, too. That’s what I want. I want you and the rest to give yourselves to others so that they can live. And I want those people to give themselves for even more people, so that they, too, can live. You are an offering. 

Have a great week! 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC

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