Sabbath Scriptures: John 20.19-31

The scripture for today comes out of John 20.19-31. Jesus shows himself to the disciples, breathes the Holy Spirit on them and sends them out to forgive sins. But Thomas wasn’t there. The disciples tell him the news but he won’t believe until he sees and feels the marks of crucifixion. A week later, Jesus appears again and Thomas is there. He sees and he believes.

Often times, there are those who need more time than we tend to give them. Hanging in there with those who are slow to believe is really what ministry is all about. Through great patience and prayer, we must become the companion of those who struggle to have faith. Not everyone makes it to every church service, Bible study, or function and really, that’s okay. 

I’ve caught myself many times saying Wow, I wish ‘so-n-so’ was here or I really think ‘x’ should have heard that. Yes, it is of the greatest importance that we invite all that we can to be a part of what God is doing. Yet, we must not rule out what the Holy Spirit is doing, how He is working, and what plans God may have for that person in light of showing them his scars. The grace of God is present in the lives of all before they know it. We must trust that grace and realize that whatever work we choose to do for God’s kingdom is a helping work, not an original work. We merely join God in the great crusade of souls that He battles to win. 

Today, exercise the same grace that God does. Jesus waited an entire week before coming back to show Thomas the evidence of crucifixion. Wait for others, be their companion, and when the time is right, let God’s grace do the saving work that it does. Until then, tell all you can about the scars of your life and give the evidence of God’s healing of those scars. Let the power of the resurrection speak through you and the presence of Christ will come amongst others as Christ did for Thomas.

May God grant each of us a measure faith that bears witness to his transforming resurrection. Have a great week. 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC

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