The Living Room: April 27


What does Easter mean to you? Briefly describe it to us… 

THE TEXT ??? Luke 24.13???35

Once again, we’ve been learning that the main problem most people tend to have with Jesus, and I would say with God in general, is that they aren’t really sure who He is. The terrible case of mistaken identity has run throughout almost every account we’ve read. For some reason, people then and people today are confused about who Jesus is.

So in this story, people are still wanting Jesus to be what they want him to be. As the two disciples are walking away from Jerusalem, they are still bothered by the fact that Jesus did not meet their expectations. People are still thinking about the worldly problems, all the while neglecting the spiritual problem. 

Here is the truth: we are a people diseased with sin. We are eaten up within our hearts with a sickness that we can do nothing about. While we try so hard to take care of the outside, we fail to realize the futility of our work. 

But, should we turn inward and begin to deal with the inside, we may just find a companion, Jesus, who is ready to engage in the real battle???the Battle of the Heart. 

In short, Jesus came to deal with sin, not physical kingdoms and material tyranny. But, these things, these outward things, are dealt with through first an inward change. When Christ wins the battle of the heart in our lives, we are now ready to turn and engage the world in all its brokenness. The tyranny, the hard times are all a result of inward brokenness. We cannot deal with the weeds by cutting them with a lawn mower. In order to remove a weed it must be uprooted, destroyed from the source, taken from the ground where its roots are fed. Remove the root, remove the problem. But, as long as we decide to renew only the outside, we will continue to be overrun with sin in our lives. 

ALLOW Jesus to be something mysterious, something that we do not have figured out. Let your experience with God be formed and informed by His revelation to us through scripture. The Jesus of the Gospels is the Jesus who desires to continue His work in your heart and in your life. 

The disciples on the road had almost all the right tools. What they lacked was the scriptures that inform our understanding of who God is and what He’s come to do. Their hospitality to Jesus at the end of the journey is proof that they were somewhat packed correctly for the journey of living a Christian life. But still, they lacked God’s word, which is a lamp unto their feet. The good news is, Jesus came along side, informed their understanding of who God is, and then broke bread with them. And it was through that breaking of bread, that fellowship, that sitting down together that Jesus was able to be fully seen. 

The great question for me in light of the last couple of months and even tonight is this What would happen if we let Jesus be Jesus, to let God be God? To let God continue to live as a mystery that is slowly being revealed, little by little? And more How are we to know who Jesus is, who God is, unless we let Him reveal to us who it is that is loving us unconditionally? We must let God be God by getting to know God, and we do that through the very way we live our lives. We let God in onto the inside, renewing us through our Christian devotion and service. God is making us, everyday, but we have to let Him in. Do THAT and God will cease to be an untouchable mystery and will become a more welcome friend to your heart. Amen

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC

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