Easter Reflections

No doubt, you’ll hear or have heard some amazing messages this morning. No matter which scripture you choose from the Gospels this morning, the fact remains the same “Christ is risen.”

But if there is anything I would compliment this morning with it is this: death has been defeated and sin no longer reigns. God’s plan was 2 step: 1.) restore his people through Jesus’ sacrifice, and 2.) enable his people to take on Jesus’ life through the Spirit.

Christ has set you free through his sacrifice and resurrection. You are free now to choose God and to battle sin with a real chance . With Pentacost, the next great celebration on the horizon of the Christian year, we have the Spirit to look forward to, the coming of the Counselor. Through the Spirit, we are able to live holy, pleasing lives before God. It was for this reason that Christ did what he did. It is all about life, Christ’s life, lived out in us.

May God grant us resurrection-life. Bless you this week. 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC

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