Confessions: In the Midst

With graduation around the corner and big changes coming on the job front, it’s hard not to think about the future.  But the present moment is the most important thing each of us have.  For me, the present includes the final work of my last two classes in seminary.  There are a lot of factors playing against me as I try to finish (and finish well) but I won’t go into them in order to spare you the possible whining that could take place.

Yet, I will say this.  Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me with kind words and cheers concerning how close I am to being done.  I know the end is near, but when you are in the midst of the storm, it is so hard to see the shore.  All one can think about is how much they wish the rain would stop, the wind would cease, and the thunder would quiet.  So, as the lightning produced by this final storm continues to blind my mind’s eye, I will do my best to turn my ear toward your words of love and praise.  I will finish and it will be soon.  Yell loudly from the shore, because your voices are my compass.  Bless you all and may God give you your own voices of praise to guide you through your week.


*This picture was taken from my front porch last friday as the storms came through.  The street light was the only light in the neighborhood that night.

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