Sabbath Scriptures: Passion/Palm Sunday

Those who are a part of the liturgical traditions will be using 1 of 2 sets of scriptures today. Some will be focusing on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jersusalm, known as ‘Palm Sunday’, and others will be reading about Jesus’ suffering, or passion, hence ‘Passion Sunday.

Either way, I think the two compliment each other in a very important way. See, two temptations stand at the forefront of what is going on in our celebration of this day which begins Holy Week, 1.) being to focus only on Jesus’ coming into Jersusalem as a victorious king, and 2.) to focus only on Jesus’ suffering and pain. I think that we can learn best and grow the most if we’ll hold the two in tireless tension, remembering that Jesus is both the victorious king and the suffering servant. With both of these at the front, we can redefine what it means to truly ‘see Jesus.’ His suffering defines his kingship???his kingship defines his suffering. The two inform each other and are inseparable in understanding ‘who‘ Jesus is and ‘what‘ he’s come to accomplish.

So today, when you see Jesus riding into Jerusalem victorious, remember his passion, his suffering. And when you see Jesus suffering, remember he is king, victorious over sin and death. May God grant us the vision to see the Suffering King on this day of Palms & Passion. 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC

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