From the Road: Vulnerability

When you’re tired, you tend to see things different. You become aware of yourself. You find yourself vulnerable, open to all sorts of thoughts and influences. A lot of people are not sure what to do during this time, so they spend much of it running, trying to protect themselves from any change to their comfort.

But, vulnerability can be God’s way of re-aligning our lives. We all need to be re-aligned from time to time, sometimes more often than we want to admit. But that’s the very reason we need to be made vulnerable. It is so we can hear God more clearly. Our suffering can open us up to our true feelings, both positive and negative. Both kinds of feelings are important because both are a true reflection of who we are and where we are on the inside. God wants to make it personal, especially because it’s one of the few ways we’ll stop and listen.

You may be tired and vulnerable, but don’t forget that God is much closer than you think. May God re-align you in the direction of His grace.

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