Evening Reflections: Little Prayers


Over the years I’ve consulted my grandmother on many things.  No matter what the situation she would always encouragement me with Just stop and say a little prayer.  You can take that as trivially as you want, but I think I’ve said a 1,000 little prayers over the years, always following that advice because it didn’t feel right to do anything without it.

1 Thessalonians 5.17 ..pray without ceasing,…

To me, I would judge the little prayers as the most important ones.  The little prayers are the ones that sustain us, like spiritual breathing.  The Ancients believed that prayer was breath, to be done in every moment.  I’m not afraid to go so far as to say that Jesus lived his life that way.  We connect to the Word of God (both Christ and the scriptures) through a prayerful attitude and practice.  Prayer truly is communion with God.  Time spent in prayer is time spent with God.  It’s not leaving a voicemail.  

Jesus said One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8.3; Matthew 4.4).  How can we hear what comes from the mouth of God unless we are present with God?  We are most present with God in prayer.  And if we pray without ceasing, then we are more apt to hear from God more often.  The key to the spiritual life is consistency.  Being or staying consistent is the hardest part, to be sure.  But this is why learning how to breathe spiritually is so important.  The goal, for now, should be to learn what pray without ceasing really is all about.  My advice?  Stop and say a little prayer...every time.  May God grant us the care and concern to learn about an attitude and lifestyle of prayer.

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