Midday Ramblings: The Lord’s Prayer

After having been in full-time ministry the last 6 years, the one thing I know is that most people know the Lord’s prayer. It doesn’t matter their affiliation or participation, there is a foundation there.

To cut to the chase, the question I have is ‘why have we not taken advantage of this knowledge?’ We spend hundreds of dollars on numbered step-by-step, ‘how-to’ books and neglect a 30 second well of eternal knowledge that is available for free and at the heart’s recollection.

So much of what we need to know and live out is contained within that 30 seconds of repetition. I guess I wonder what would happen if we taught others to say it with their mouth, believe it in their heart, and do it with their life. There are profound things that can come from those three aspects. But, because this is a ‘rambling’, I simply want to challenge you to examine this more and point others toward the depth of this most important prayer.

May God grant us the reality of Jesus’ prayer, as we seek to speak it, believe it, & live it.

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