Midday Ramblings: Discipleship

In the movie “Instinct,” Anthony Hopkins’ character is studying silverback gorillas. He observes them closely, going back daily, and traveling miles from his base camp to find them, staying longer and longer each time. After a while he begins to stay so long that he abandons his base camp altogether. In a sense he becomes one of them, part of their small community.

We can only hope that the world would find us Christians so interesting; that we would live in such a way that we would be studied, that we were interesting enough to study.

Do we live differently enough that they can find a difference, understand a difference? Are we worth studying, worth having our minds probed and way of life talked about in interest and wonder (rather than criticized and forgotten about)?

Can we welcome others in such a way that we do not destroy who God made them to be but rather reveal God to them, bringing them salvation? Will they one day abandon their base camp and join us in the wild?

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