Late Night Ramble: Prayer & Japan

One of my favorite apps is an online community dedicated to photography. It’s called Instagram. The network is made up of people who desire to share their creative streak or a meaningful sunset with others. It’s incredibly fun to browse.

On Friday, by 2pm EST, there were over 2,000 pictures dedicated to praying for Japan and the quake victims. Now, I know that not everyone praying was a Christian or was REALLY praying in the strict and serious form of the word. My point is that there is a longing to connect on a deeper level, to communicate across great divides. This is a redeemable sentimate. This reveals to us that there is a spark we can relate with in every person, a connecting point that opens up the spiritual side of others, an opportunity to develop and cultivate genuine relationship. This spark, this light, is the image of God. On each of us rests the fingerprint of God; we are undeniably his.

Prayer is actually a language that many of us understand, religious or not. There is something almost natural about the communion that can happen when heart speaks to heart. I challenge you to seek that deeper connection with God and others through prayer.

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