Late Night Reflections: Everywhere

St. Francis de Sales: “Be sure that wheresoever our lot is cast we may and must aim at the perfect life.

St. Francis longed for people to discover the God-life, holiness, right where they were. People need to know that they can be a surgeon and be holy; an attendant at QT and be holy; a painter and be holy; a saleswomen at Belk, a middle school band director, a retired teacher, a farmer, a stay-at-home dad…and be holy. A life of perfect love, the Christian life, isn’t reserved for a few; it is humanity’s calling. We’re not merely creatures???we’re either lost or found daughters and sons of God.

But holiness is to be found in all places. We are to align our lives with God’s life through the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ. If God has been welcomed into our hearts and Christ has made his home in us, we can be sure that the fire of the Holy Spirit will brand God’s holiness onto our soul so that we may be his witnesses in all places, at all times. Rest in the reality that you are called to be holy right where you are. Accomplish a life of devotion in your kitchen or your yard, at your work-place or your gym. Holiness isn’t confined to church programs or evangelism teams. 

Be holy here, be holy now. Pray to Christ for the life of devotion and aim for a life that can be blessed by obedience to Almighty God. Set yourself up to be a blessing to God and give yourself every reason to suceed. And may God grant you that life. 

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Rev. Whit R. Martin 
Redwine UMC
The Dive Youth Ministry –


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