We Still Have Time

St. Mark the Ascetic wrote in the 5th century, “…let us realize our situation and correct our way of life while we still have time for repentance and conversion.” So long ago and yet still a sense of urgency, something that lacks a bit today. The difference between St. Mark and some evangelistic messages is that he sought a new life in order to live holy, while others seek a change to be ready for heaven. Mark understood that heaven begins on earth, that eternal life starts here and continues on as we near the closing of our stay here. The reality that Jesus introduced was a ‘kingdom here and now’ lifestyle so that we didn’t leave the world behind but rather lived to reform it. I think it’s a good message for today, that there’s still time. I hope that you and others believe that; that you can begin to live Christ’s life now for the redemption of others, for the transformation of hearts as the Holy Spirit lives out salvation in and through you.

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