Got a new camera for my birthday and the answer to your question is “yes, I do have the most wonderful wife in the world.”

I had some down time to think about life, where I’ve been and where I’m headed.  2011 is going to be a wild ride, with lots of changes.  As I rested and reflected, I did one of my favorite things: watched the birds.  Now, it’s obvious that this picture above is one that is a little strange.  The widow is so dirty that the beauty beyond it is only a blur.

The picture reminded me of the importance to stay “clean,” to care for my heart and my spiritual life in a way that I never miss the beauty beyond the window of my life.  God has arranged a world that is able to show his “awesome-ness.”  But if we continue to let our windows (our eyes and our minds) to gather film, we’ll only see a shadow of God’s intention.

So, get out the brush and your best cleaning solution and begin to cultivate a crystal-clear window for God’s redemptive viewing.

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