I was eating out with family several weeks ago and caught this guy getting creative while eating. He’s got a ketchup bottle propping up a book while he’s dining. Pretty smart.

Never forget that it is okay to get creative in your spiritual life. For some, that may mean attending different worship services in order to “change it up” a bit ??? and that’s okay for a stint. Others may like to read their bible in a different place each day to keep it fresh.

When I met my wife, I can remember her note cards. Posted in various but appropriate places were sciptures that either were important for that particular time or were special to her in her walk. She would see them daily as she moved about. That’s a great way to remember scripture verses (and make them personal).

In college, I would visit different state parks on the weekends and hike to the attraction, saying various prayers as I walked, reading the Upper Room for that day, and jouraling about either life at the time or the experience that day. Turns out, one of those ventures was the subject of my very first Sunday sermon from the pulpit.

Honestly, do whatever it takes to open yourself up to what God is trying to do in your life (within reason; consult a pastor or leader in your church). Understand that God desires that you take initiative in certain areas of your spiritual life. Let’s face it, he’s not going to live your spiritual life for you, but he will live it IN you.

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