True Christmas

I subscribe to a newsletter from “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer,” a group that is attempting to recapture the depths of prayer in the Christian Tradition. They sent out a “Christmas Present” and I thought I would share it with you. It is one of the most beautiful renditions of the popular “Carol of the Bells,” with the lyrics changed to a 1947 rendition of the same song but entitled “Ring, Christmas Bells.” I’ll post the link at the end.

As I listened to the song, it was almost impossible not to tear up. There’s something magical about the season and all it’s “bells and whistles.” For me, the tune put the “holy” back into the Christmas season. I pray that as you continue through this season that you don’t treat it as anything other than sacred; that this time will be a celebration that draws you closer to an understanding of God’s gift of hope. Be blessed.

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