This guy was sitting on a bench in downtown Gainesville this weekend. It was a beautiful day and the song he was strumming and singing was faint but made it’s way toward me. It was Revelation Song. It was simple, slow, and honest.

There’s a lot of people who walk downtown, doing different things, and there is no telling how many people just pass by, most likely rolling their eyes or snickering. But really? If you think about it, the kingdom of God was as close as a song on the breeze.

I don’t think we realize how close the kingdom of God really is. Jesus himself said it was near, at hand. Running side-by-side our busy, self-involved, self-pleasing lives is the face of Jesus Christ, as he offers his last crucified breath for us to take into our hearts. What if we stopped and inhaled that saving breath? Do we hear it? Do we know it’s there? Listen…

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