All About Grace

Our pastor hit a home run this morning. In his message on Matthew 22, the parable of the wedding feast, he made the statement, “God is not throwing an awards banquet. It is a feast of grace.” Without re-preaching his message, I couldn’t agree more.

We must be faithful to the gospel and make disciples everywhere (Matthew 28). People NEED to hear because how are they going to hear unless we invite them (Romans 10.11-15)? I think we forget that we have a mission, one that is meant to be accomplished—hence the callin it “a mission.” But we also must not forget that this is not a militant, forceful endeavor. We’re on a mission of grace. To be on such a mission means our weapons are service, an “others first” attitude that means putting ourselves — even our convictions sometimes — below the needs of others. I’m sure the ‘convictions’ statement didn’t resonate with many of you who read it, but let me explain.

Placing others before our convictions means shutting our mouths and allowing others to exist as they are. God will transform others, yes, but we must quiet our convictions enough to let the word of God speak grace into their lives. I think we forget that God does the saving. Let God love, save, and transform by being quiet, living quietly.

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