Walking Away

A man stopped in for help today.  Being the only one here, we walked into the sanctuary and sat down.  I asked him what we could do for him today and he began his story.  A few minutes later as he winded down, he asked if I could spare any cash for some gas.  I had none.  His faced then changed, he stood up and walked out.  I typically try and at least offer prayer and invite them to come back for services so that we may be able to meet their needs as a church body.  But it was too late.  There was no time.  He just walked away.

This happens a lot here.  Sometimes we are able to follow them to the gas station and buy them a half to a full tank.  Sometimes they say thanks for listening and go on their way.  Sometimes we have cash and can help them the way they’ve asked.  But today, he walked away.

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