Another Apple Story

I was in the Apple store today having a device looked at and had an interesting experience. As I was waiting, I began noticing the people around me. Each was there in the store for a different reason. Some had dropped their iPhones and were devastated, looking for hope; some were trying to figure out how to integrate their old email with their new computer; a few were there to buy new and improved software; and still others had come in to just play with the iPads. Despite their reason for being there, each had something in common: they were sucked in. A great company, with great products that provides a great experience. What are they really offering, though? Not variety. They’re offering quality. They’re offering Apple.

People come to Church for different reasons, yes, but when it comes to the Spiritual Life are we offering quality in every area of discipleship? No, not entertaining worship and Rock Star preachers. Stop that kind of base thinking, please. Are we offering the Holy Spirit? The One who breathes quality into every endeavor; Who brings life to life. Quality is only as good as the Maker. We want people to know and trust the Maker, because the Maker is behind it all; every product, experience, endeavor, event. It’s about God. We’re offering God.

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